Deluxe Color CPP-5 Plotter


APR's New ADCPP-5 Douglas International 3 Color-Enhanced Navigation Combination Protractor and Parallel Rule Plotter.

Features 5, 10, 15, and 20 nautical miles speed circles and Nautical Mile grids. This exclusive design provides the most accurate scale of any similar international navigation plotter available. Designed with high visibility color graphics, a tinted grid, and larger numbers and lines for easier positioning and accurate reading. This plotter eliminates the need to use dividers and parallel rulers. A hole in the center of the instrument is used to conveniently mark and rotate the plotter.

Also incuded are complete operating instructions with examples to lay out a course or bearing, read the course bearing, use as a parallel rule, find departures or latitude between two positions, find magnetic course or bearing from true course, and to plot lines of position.

Great for both VFR and IFR charts. WAC/ONC 1:1,000,000 VIS/TERM 1:250,000 Scales, plastic 5" x 5"

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