This is the only VFR plotter invented by a CFI for pilots. It includes innovative features that provide temperature conversion, a flight planning scratch pad area, and no-mistakes course protractor that even beginners won't be confused by. It provides scales for sectional & WAC charts, and even has inches and mm measurements.

The Most Accurate

The Visi-Plotter™ navigational plotter is created from a calibrated hot stamp. It is the most accurate way to create a plotter. No other plotter on the market uses this production method because it's more expensive than the silk screen method used by every other manufacturer.


Use the top edge to measure distances on a sectional chart. If you’re using a Terminal Area Chart, divide the distances on the sectional scale by two. The World Aeronautical Chart scale is included for your convenience. Inside the packaging includes two articles:

  1. In-depth description of usage technique
  2. Basics of VFR Flight Planning.

Use and Care

With the proper care, this plotter will last a lifetime and should be the last plotter you'll ever buy. Clean it with a damp cloth and avoid exposure to direct sunlight or temperatures greater than 125°.

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