Aircraft Flight Log


Aircraft Flight Log Updated.  
Now Includes Entry for Tracking GPS Updates.    

Aircraft Flight Log serves as a quick reference to the recent history of an airplane, giving pilots immediate access to the airplane's status without needing to dig through logbooks usually kept in a maintenance hangar. The log is a great way for multiple pilots flying a single airplane to share information on operating characteristics so each is familiar with the aircraft and any potential problems. Additionally, the log is useful for recording operations for tax purposes. Newly updated, the log now contains an entry for tracking GPS database updates. Spiral bound and conveniently sized to fit in an aircraft glove box or chart pocket. 96 pages.  

Formatted for ease of use, the Aircraft Flight Log features space for the pilot-in-command to log: Out/In operating time, Destination and purpose of flight, Squawks, If oil was added, Inspections performed (VOR, pitot-static, ELT), When an oil change, 100-hour, GPS database update, and annual inspection is due.

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