Black Touch Screen Flight Gloves

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Nomex Double Stitch Touch Screen Fire Resistant Flight Gloves.  Designed to be used with all Touch Screen Phones, Tablets, and Devices.  Constructed to EXCEED US Mil. Spec. G-81188C.  Soft Sheepskin Leather Palms for increased tactility.  Constructed to EXCEED US Mil. Spec. G-81188C.  Highly heat and fire resistant USA made Dupont Nomex Fabric and Threads.  Can be laundered without losing Flame Resistant Properties.  Touch Screen Contact Tips on Thumb, Index and Middle Fingers.  Double Stitching Seams for extended durability.When measuring your hands for flight gloves, measure around you knuckles (without your thumb) and record the number of inches. This is your glove size. Example: If you measure 9 Inches, your glove size is 9.