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101 Things To Do After You Get Your Private Pilot's License


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FLY HIGH, FLY LONG, FLY FREE, FLY FOREVER This guide for new pilots proves that the fun has just begun when you pocket that precious certificate that says you're free to fly on your own. Now, veteran pilot LeRoy Cook shows you what lies beyond flight school. This indispensable, skill-building handbook not only leads you through becoming a fully fledged, confident, and competent independent pilot, it helps you discover all the joys of flying, from vacation advice to piloting for money. PERFECT FOR POST-FLIGHT-SCHOOL EDUCATION 101 Things to Do with Your Private Pilot's License can help you:
  • Grow as a pilot, both technically and personally
  • Get better performance from airplanes, with techniques rarely taught in flight school
  • Sharpen self-evaluation and judgment skills
  • Handle unfamiliar airport conditions such as grass fields, large traffic centers, and air congestion
  • Have fun with the family on board
  • Upgrade your ability to fly in four-season weather and make solo weather decisions
  • Discover money-making, service, and social opportunities
  • Perform expert flight tests on aircraft for sale
  • Master advanced navigation systems
  • Prepare for additional ratings
  • And much, much more!
The challenge of flying doesn't end when you get your private pilot's license. In fact, the real excitement has just begun. 101 Things to Do with Your Private Pilot's License is packed with new ways to sharpen your skills and make every flying hour rewarding.