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Aircraft Safety


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27 NEW CASE STUDIES WHAT DO WE LEARN WHEN AN AIRPLANE CRASHES? Taken from the richest source of flying information -- exhaustive flight safety investigations -- this updated book examines more than 40 accidents/incidents involving airline and general aviation flights. Bythoroughly dissecting what happened and why, aviation safety expert Shari Stamford Krause offers tremendous insights and techniques for pilots, air traffic controllers, and managers alike. Designed for pilots of all ratings, aerospace enthusiasts, and aviation professionals, this exhaustively researched reference presents detailed analyses of major airline, regional, and general aviation accidents. You get the perspectives of pilots, crewmembers, and air traffic controllers -- as well as NTSB findings and excerpts from flight recordings that reveal how crewmembers and other key players performed under extreme stress. With a wealth of new content, this revised edition features:
  • New chapters on cockpit resource management, pilot judgment and decision-making, and spatial disorientation
  • New research and case studies covering runway incursions
  • 27 new case studies
  • Updated facts and statistics
  • New illustrations
  • And more!
Each part of this book details several different accidents or incidents, using illustrations and diagrams to give you a clear understanding of what happened. Krause reviews the lessons of each incident and their applications to the field. Learn from these probable causes:
  • Human factors
  • Runway incursions
  • Weather
  • Mid-air collisions
  • Mechanical failure