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A&P Mechanics Powerplant Workbook


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This Workbook was developed by Tom Wild of Purdue University as a further study tool for Airframe students and an instructor's classroom aid for a Airframe curricula, especially when combined with the FAA H808332 Powerplant Handbook. Each chapter matches those of the textbook including 3 sections: 1] Chapter Review Questions (fill in the blank, true false, matching) 2] Knowledge Application (practical) Questions 3] Final Chapter Exam. Answers for sections 1 and 2 appear in the back of each workbook for use as a student's study guide. Answers for section 3, the Final Chapter Exam, are not included in the book, but are given to instructors only with the instructor support package and textbook image banks, thus preserving the final exam as a viable instructor tool. In addition, all pages in the workbook are perforated for quick tear-out, so allowing the book to be used for assignments and quizzes.