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ATC Light Gun Signals for Aircraft Sticker


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We've noticed that light gun signals are one of those things that pilots always seem to forget. Probably because most of us will go our entire flying careers without experiencing a total radio failure. We've also noticed that for whatever reason, many quick reference aids don't include light gun signals. But the thing is, when you need to know this information, you really need to know! Luso Aviation's ATC Light Gun Signals For Aircraft Placard solves these issues. It's a handy decal that you can stick inside the cockpit or on a piece of flight gear. It won't fix the radios but if you do have the unfortunate luck of needing ATC light gun signals, you won't have to try guessing during an already stressful situation. Details
  • Matte Finish for reduced glare
  • Printed on weatherproof vinyl with UV cured inks; these stickers are scratch resistant, fade proof, and will probably last longer than whatever you stick them to.
  • Lists Air and Ground signals as well as CFR AIM reference numbers.
  • Dimensions: 3.25"x3.25"