Beyond the Checkride 2nd Edition

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THE ESSENTIAL GUIDE FOR NEW PILOTS--FULLY UPDATED!Covering the latest FAA regulations, Beyond the Checkride, Second Edition, is packed with invaluable lessons learned by trial and error based on the real-life experiences of hundreds of pilots. Originally written by legendary flight instructor Howard Fried and thoroughly revised by veteran pilot Gene Gailey, this practical resource takes you, step by step, through a flight from the perspective of a flight examiner. Learn from other pilots' mistakes--it's easier and safer, and it could even save your life.FEATURES UP-TO-DATE COVERAGE OF:Rarely taught basics, including maneuvering speed, propeller safety, night flying, and morePaperwork and other requirementsPilot certificates and ratingsHuman factors that affect flying, including fatigue and emotionsFlight safety and accident preventionAircraft controlSurviving spins, stalls, spirals, and moreFlying advanced aircraftWeather conditionsAir traffic controlFAA regulationsISBN: 978-0071822534