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Controlling Pilot Error: Controlled Flight


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CONTROLLED FLIGHT INTO TERRAIN Be alert to the impossible. *Conduct a guided self-assessment that reveals any hidden dangers in your technique, knowledge, or proficiency *Correct risk-laden approaches to time and planning, weather decisions, situational awareness, automation, procedures, and other factors *Learn disaster-warning signs from case studies and expert insights *Enhance preparedness for emergencies *Transition from VFR to IFR safety *Avoid equipment problems, air controller error, or your own complacency FAST & FOCUSED RX FOR PILOT ERROR The most effective aviation safety tools available, CONTROLLING PILOT ERROR guides offer you expert protection against the causes of up to 80% of aviation accidents--pilot mistakes. Each title provides: *Related case studies *Valuable "save yourself" techniques and safety tips *Clear and concise analysis of error sets BEST FOR PILOTS BUILD YOUR KNOWLEDGE BASE--INCREASE YOUR CONFIDENCE--SHARPEN YOUR SKILLS--LEARN LIFESAVING TIPS