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Controlling Pilot Error: Fatigue


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With up to 80% of accidents attributed to pilot error, this new series is critically important. It identifies and examines the ten top areas of concern to pilot safety. Each book contains real-life pilot stories drawn from FAA/NASA databases, valuable "save-yourself" techniques and an action agenda of preventive techniques pilots can implement to avoid risks.
NEWS ABOUT SLEEP, WAKEFULNESS, AND ALERTNESS THAT CAN SAVE PILOT LIVES *Why motivation and discipline fail to overcome the physiological mechanisms of fatigue *The two most dangerous times of the day *How to use power napping--the fifteen-minute breakthrough *The science of getting more rest from your sleeping hours *Countermeasures to apply when you burn the candle at both ends *Expert tips for handling jet lag, cumulative fatigue, and just plain tough days REDUCE THE TERROR OF PILOT ERROR The most effective aviation safety tools ever, Controlling Pilot Error guides give you expert protection against the causes of up to 80% of aviation accidents--pilot mistakes. Each title provides: *Real-life pilot stories *Valuable "save-yourself" techniques and safety tips *Clear and concise analysis of error sets