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Everything Explained for the Professional Pilot


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The response from pilots and even the FAA has been overwhelmingly positive. This is one of the most significant publications analyzing the intricacies of aviation ever written. It far exceeds the efforts of the Jeppesen "FARs Explained" series (and a lot more fun to read!). - The purpose of this book is to replace that hodgepodge of impossible to find information spread throughout that library of books most pilots have - put ALL that information in ONE PLACE - explain it in PLAIN ENGLISH, but in excruciating detail - supply ALL the REFERENCES, so you can look it up your-damn-self if you need further guidance - make it extremely easy-to-read, by using bold, underlined, and HIGHLIGHTED TEXT that EMPHASIZES the important words - sprinkle in a little sarcastic humor and cheesy clipart - and supply the most complete INDEX ever created, with all subjects listed by EVERY possible key word that could possibly come to mind - even if it's a slang term. In other words, make it effortless to look up anything... instantly.