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Flight Notes


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Flight Notes make great pocket companions for pilots and can be customized for each pilot and/or aircraft. Each 48 page Flight Notes booklet contains lists, tables, and graphs of quick reference material handy during planning, preflight, or while enroute. The remaining graph paper style pages can be filled with any flight notes a pilot might want to include about the aircraft or any of it's journeys.  An aircraft identification page at the front of each booklet can be personalized by filling in the aircraft type and number as well as pilot and/or operator information. An aircraft data table provides a place to record the aircraft's v speeds and weight and balance information for quick and easy reference.  The following lists, tables, and graphs are included:  Common radio frequencies and transponder codes.  Light gun signals.  Sample flight plan form.  Aircraft equipment codes.  Phonetic alphabet.  Aviation mnemonics (memory aids).  How to file a PIREP.  METAR descriptors and weather phenomena.  VFR and IFR cruising altitude diagrams.  Density altitude table.  Crosswind component table.  equations for magnetic course, and magnetic and compass headings.  Package of 3 can be divided among pilots flying the same aircraft, or among different aircraft belonging to the same pilot.