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Getting Started with Drones and Model Airplanes


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Written for a beginning remote pilot, Getting Started with Drones and Model Airplanes will help you understand how these marvelous machines work and how to fly them safely. Explaining complex subjects in simple language with pictures and diagrams that make them easy to understand, the author will guide you through buying a drone or model airplane, registering your aircraft with the Federal Aviation Administration, completing the testing and certification process, and learning how to safely operate your aircraft in and around the busiest and most complex airspace in the world. You will learn:
  • The rules that apply if you are flying for fun or flying to make money.
  • Fundamental principles of aerodynamics.
  • How to maneuver a drone or model airplane using a two-stick controller.
  • How to identify the different parts inside a drone or model airplane.
  • The importance of flying safely.
  • Simple techniques for evaluating a new flying site and taking great aerial photographs.
Whether you are learning how to fly remote aircraft, taking the first step on the road toward commercial drone operations, or getting your feet wet with aviation-related subjects, this book will get you headed in the right direction. ISBN: 9781644253656