Gleim Flight Instructor Flight Maneuvers 5th Edition

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Our latest edition of our Flight Instructor Flight Maneuvers book is completely updated to contain all the revised FAA Practical Test Standards for the Flight Instructor practical test. Don't get caught with old information. Also included in this latest edition is Gleim's own practical test Oral Exam Guide. This includes a listing of the most common questions asked by Pilot Examiners during the oral portion of the practical test. This is all presented in the easy-to-study Gleim question/answer format.Prepare for your oral exam by using the Oral Exam Guide, included as an AppendixLogbook entries, certificate endorsement section, and blank lesson plan form are provided for referenceLearn from others' mistakes by reviewing common errors and how to avoid themReview completion requirements with an exact reprint of FAA Flight Instructor Practical Test Standards (PTS)Product Features:Flight Instructor Flight Maneuvers and Practical Test Prep is designed to SIMPLIFY and FACILITATE your flight instructor training in a single-engine land airplane. This book teaches you how to instruct each flight maneuver or other subject area (such as preflight preparation) prior to your flight lesson. Thus, you will be thoroughly prepared to spend more quality time in the airplane. Additionally, with the inclusion of an oral exam guide, this book serves as an excellent review prior to your FAA practical (flight) test.We carefully designed Flight Instructor Flight Maneuvers and Practical Test Prep …

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