Release Single Wipes

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Reach for Release® wipes - each wipe is saturated with Release, the most effective aircraft cleaner, and degreaser, and is safe to use on all surfaces due to its advanced associative technology. No more spot testing, it won’t hurt the surface, period. Release® is a ready-to-use non-solvent base product that is formulated for rapid penetration and removal of dirt, grease, grime, oil, and organic soils. It works by emulsifying the soil and releasing it from the surface, not attacking it. Release® can be used on interiors and exteriors and is fragrance-free, meaning there is no chemical smell.  The list of surfaces Release® can be used on is endless, this is because it contains no phosphates or harmful chemicals and is dye free. It even meets AMS, Boeing, and McDonnell Douglas specifications and is approved for use on Textron brands such as Cessna, Hawker, and Beechcraft. You’ll have peace of mind when using Release® that it won’t stain or damage the surface you’re cleaning. Features:RELEASE® uses the latest nanotechnology to emulsify grease, oil, carbon, and mold - with no impact to surface finishesIdeal for cleaning APU ports, landing gear, and removing brake dustSafe for use on plastic, aluminum, paint, glass, rubber, and all flame retardant surfacesFree of volatile solventsEarth-friendly - no phosphates or other harmful chemicalsPure clean - leaves no residue or streaksMeets Boeing, McDonnell Douglas and AMS specifications for aircraft cleaningSpecifications:RELEASE® meets …

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