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Rod Machado's Private/Commercial Handbook


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Rod Machado's Private / Commercial Pilot Handbook This 704-page, one-stop Private/Commercial Pilot Handbook contains:
  • ✈Simplification of technical subjects; engines, aerodynamics, flight instruments, and the airplane’s electrical system.
  • ✈Weather charts: Graphical Forecasts
  • ✈Latest weather chart information: Graphical Forecasts for Aviation
  • ✈Water model of electricity allows quick learning and understanding of the airplane’s electrical system.
  • ✈Alphabet airspace made E-Z. Instruction on ICAO Flight plan
  • ✈Step-by-step procedures for a smooth cross-country flight.
  • ✈Clear, down-to-earth explanations of pertinent FARs—Parts 61, 91, NTSB 830,
  • ✈BasicMed.
  • ✈Primary flight displays, latest glass cockpit technology & ADS-B.
  • ✈Easy to apply navigation methods for dead reckoning, VOR, GPS
  • ✈Wealth of basic and advanced insights, advice, and wisdom gleaned from practical experience.
Learn everything you need to fly as a knowledgeable and competent pilot. Prepare for private and commercial pilot written and oral exams. Refresh for flight reviews and rusty pilot training, and stay an up-to-date confident pilot. Flying is fun, and with this Handbook, learning about flying is now fun too. Lavishly illustrated, fast-paced book is the best available guide. Written in a clear and witty style, it contains more than 1,200 illustrations and photos that are a standalone education about why we can fly. Study for your private pilot oral and knowledge exams. Everything you need is in this book. It’s a comprehensive and valuable reference resource for private and even professional pilots. A student said, “This handbook explains why things are the way they are in a way that’s easy to understand. I learned lots of things in Rod’s book that I had not read ANYWHERE else, despite years of reading aviation literature.” Rod has been teaching people how to fly airplanes since 1973. His highly acclaimed teaching methods have established him as one of aviation’s most respected teachers. Using analogies, memory aids, clear and detailed graphics, and a little humor, Rod reduces the complexity of all aviation subjects (aerodynamics, meteorology, navigation, airspace, etc.) to a level that even a non-technical person can easily understand. Simply stated, Rod Machado makes learning about flying a fun and enjoyable experience. ISBN: 9781950288014 704 pages