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Safer Approaches


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Use the safest, airlineproven flying technique for nonprecision approaches that minimizes aerodynamic surprises, and virtually eliminates the possibility of Controlled Flight Into Terrain. Safer Approaches will teach you how to conduct Instrument Approach Procedures to a higher standard of safety and precision. You will learn:
  • Four Fundamentals of Safe Approaches,
  • How to virtually eliminate possibility of CFIT of Controlled Flight Into Terrain,
  • How to perform a Constant Angle NonPrecision Approach (CANPA),
  • How to calculate a Visual Descent Point (VDP),
  • How to practice building your flying precision.What's inside the package?  
  • The Safer Approaches publication, 14pp.
  • The Stabilized Approach Descent Rate Table, a plastic 4" x 6" kneeboard sized IFR tool that will eliminate the mental math for applying these techniques during your IFR flying.