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Student Flight Record for Private Pilot Airplane


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Four-panel construction incorporates ACS (Airman Certification Standards)—only $4.95 each! ASA’s Student Flight Record for Private Pilot helps flight instructors and flight schools organize and document student progress towards Private Pilot Certification. A folder for each student serves as a permanent training record, accounts for all Areas of Operation and Tasks in the ACS, and satisfies both Part 61 and 141 requirements—including preflight preparation, preflight procedures, airport operations, takeoffs, landings and go-arounds, performance maneuvers, navigation, slow flight and stalls, basic instrument maneuvers, emergency operations, night operations, postflight procedures, multi-engine specific tasks, seaplane specific tasks, and fill-in-the-blank fields for additional tasks. This folder makes it easy to record accomplishments for each lesson using learner-centered grading. The learner-centered grading scale is a way for the instructor (or another instructor) and/or student to determine the student’s level of knowledge and understanding. The flight record section allows for log entries to include date, aircraft number, aircraft type, dual/solo flight time, cross country and night time, instrument instruction, day/night landings ground instruction and simulator time. Additional features include:
  • Convenient 4-panel format
  • Input fields for enrollment information
  • Ground training record
  • Credit given for previous training
  • Solo Endorsements
  • Stage Checks