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Surviving the 1st 24 Hours Checkmate


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  • By Far, The Most Complete Single Card Checklist On The Market.
  • Over a Decade of Time-Tested Evolution, Assuring You of Having the Most Comprehensive & Accurate Data Possible.
  • Intuitive data that is Logical, Concise, & Complete.
  • Emergency Procedures That Are Found Instantly. No Searching. Procedures That Are Complete & Easy To Read.
  • Accurate & Specific Data and Procedures for YOUR model/Year Aircraft.
  • The Most Comprehensive V Speed Section in the Industry.
  • Speeds Are Given In Both KNOTS & MPH.
  • Everything on One Card. No Pages to Flip. One Of The Few Checklists That Will Continue To Be Used after The Instructor Is Gone!
  • Full Color Graphic Layout, Greatly Enhancing Quick Reference & Reduced Eye Strain.
  • A Dedicated Departure, Cruise, & Arrival Section.
  • Fuel, Oil, Electrical, Tire, & Weight Information.
  • Important Communication Frequencies, & Light Signals.
  • Linear Scale for Measuring WAC, SEC, TAC, NOS, ElA, & JEPPESEN Mileage Distances.
  • Over 275 Aircraft Models Available With the Identical Format. This Vastly Improves Your Comfort & Safety Of Flying Different Aircraft. The Data Will Be Where You Expect It To Be.
  • Free Upgrades. We Post When Improvements Occur In Our Checklist And Offer Them At No Charge.
  • Most Models Available In 3 Sizes: Standard 6.5 x 9, Compact 5 x 7, & Pocket 3.75 x 6.5
  • Can Be Personalized With Your Name, "N" Number, Logo, or Flight School Procedures.
  • Usually Same-Day Shipping.
  • Custom Orders Are Usually Shipped Within 2 Days!
Checkmate® is used in Part 135 Operations, Part 141 Schools, and Part 61 Schools